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Rentron Electronics was established in 1979 and today is one of the biggest Greek companies that is specialized in the design and construction of precise metal parts.

Using its vast experience in manufacturing metal parts, Rentron has succeeded in producing a wide range of components that are distinguished for their excellent quality and also their innovative and effective design.

Rentron has invested and equipped with hi – tech machines, like CNC punching machines and CNC press brake forming machines. Following the quick development of technology Rentron can satisfy the customers’ demands and

Rentron is capable of producing a wide range of various products in small or large quantities. The product designing is achieved by special CAD/CAM programs specialized in processing sheet metal having the ability of 3D display of the final product so as the client’s demands are satisfied in the highest level.

The client’s satisfaction is great due to the reason that while the product is under construction even before it is completed, the client is able to know the product, to see it, suggest as well as forecast problems which may arise in future. According to designing and elaboration procedure five experienced designers are occupied fully qualified, with innovative ideas about metallic constructions.

The policy which the company follows is quite efficient and expanding so as Rentron is not only restricted in special constructions but also in standard products which successively promote to market. Rentron Electronics entered vigorously into the telecommunication field as soon as it was first beginning in local market, constructing a wide range of standard products such as cabins (Racks) with a variety in size and in requisite components.

The above cabinets because of the smart and ergonomical way of their design provide the capability so as the telecommunication & networking systems to be expanded and used with easiness.

By this way Renton has succeeded in earning a respective proportion of market as well as expanding its clientele rapidly. A large amount of production concerns special constructions which are adjusted to the client’s needs and also accomplished by our specialized staff.

The evolution as well as the actualization of the complicated, technical and standard metallic construction is based on a well organized production line which is consisted of the following sections:

Up to date CAD/CAM programs and fully technical skilled staff.

Sheet metal processing with CNC punching machines and CNC press brakes

WELDING PROCESSES Arch weld of high quality with TIG, MIG machines and also spot welding machines for all kind of materials by technical qualified personnel.

Full production line.

Placement of all types of inserts by special punching press.

Assembling & packing of cabins and special constructions

The above section is composed of a group of people with technical & scientific knowledge working on the quality of the product construction based on the procedure specified by ISO 9002 The company was certified with ISO 9002 by RAW TUV organization in 1994. The format of the production is supported by an up date machinable system MRP II securing the ultimate control of the whole production.



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